Hi, we are Ange and Eric Graham.

We are very fortunate to live in the beautiful island of Guernsey, having moved here in 1982, and we brought up our 3 wonderful children here. We are blogging – well, Ange is the blogger, really –  primarily to bring attention to the tasks we aim to complete this year to meet the Autism365 Challenge, set by Autism Guernsey to raise funds for its various wonderful projects.

Eric aims to walk around the island 12 times in 2015, taking a section every week. He is going to walk every Wednesday morning – hopefully with donating companions! – and he is breaking it up like this: Section 1 – Town to Icart Point; Section 2 – Icart Point to Pleinmont; Section 3 – Pleinmont to L’Ancresse, and Section 4 – L’Ancresse to Town.

Together we aim to clear and clean 365 steps around the Moulin Huet/Saints Bay area, to help keep them safe, and as a service to our parish, St. Martin’s. I guess this is where the STEPS365 title came from, but Eric will need to take STEPS to get around the island, so it is really quite appropriate.

For those who would like to see a more comprehensive programme, please click here



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