Steps again

As the project and blog for our Autism365 Challenge enters the final weeks of December
and we have an end in sight for our efforts, I have taken the opportunity in the last few days to go back down to the Moulin Huet area of the island and re-clean some of the sets of cliff path steps there. At this time of the year they do tend to get clogged up with layers of wet, mouldy leaves which can, on occasions, be very slippy for walkers and runners should they get their feet on them.

Earlier in the year my wife and I cleaned well over 365 steps in this area as part of our project, but like the Forth Bridge in Scotland, you really need to start again immediately after you have finished in order to keep on top of the work necessary for regular maintenance.

Eric and the 73 steps

Eric in Spring

I have managed to clean some 136 steps over the last couple of days, mainly comprising of the 55 steps leading up the middle area of Moulin Huet, accessing the cliff path route from the car park near the toilet block, as well as the steepest cliff path steps emerging near Bon Port Hotel which are in the middle and upper area as you walk up the steps from the bay at the bottom. The layers just build up as the leaves fall, and I was quite taken aback by just how much was stuck to the steps.

Moulin Huet

View from steps

It was, however, a very nice feeling to see the steps clean and fully functional again, although it would be naive to think that they will look so good if we have a spell of strong blustery winds in these winter months.

I just love this area of the coastal path and feel very privileged to live so close and have such easy access Moulin Huet and surrounding areas.



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